Friday, July 18, 2008

Tofu Goodness!

Hooray for non-sequitur blog post titles.

Here's a one page comic I did for the City Pages. I'm generally not too interested in doing political cartoons, but this was a fun project. (Click the Image to expand.)

Next up we have a set of commissioned paintings. Ella Fitzgerald and Aretha Franklin. Sorry for the bad picture quality, at some point I'll learn how to photograph paintings.

And keeping in step with the non-sequitur theme, here we have this.

Thanks for stopping by.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Old Junk (A post conspicously lacking William S. Burroughs)

Here's a couple of paintings, all of them about a year old or so. All of them have been gifted or sold at some point, but I still have scans of them collecting dust on my computer, so here they are.

More current work coming soon.

And lastly, just because it makes me happy, we have this fellow.

Take it easy out there.