Saturday, April 26, 2008

Boom. A contest!

Here's my latest footwear creation, made just for me.

But I'm going to have some fun, so the offer is as follows:

There first person to leave a comment correctly identifying the person upon each shoe, wins a drawing of whatever they choose from me.

Sound good?

Here's the shoes:

There you go. Now get cracking!

(The offer is good for as long as it takes to find a winner.)

Good luck!


Kevin Cannon said...

Baquiat and Patrick Dempsey?

Matthew Kriske said...


You've nailed one, though I feel obligated to say it's "Basquiat", cause I'm a pedantic asshole.

The other's a bit more obscure.

I will say he's not an actor, however.

Karen P. Smith said...

Not keeping up with the current whos who of our culture, I'm at odds to name either one of these guys - but I'd sure as heck LOVE TO COMMISSION A PAIR OF THESE MYSELF!! The shoes are killer, Matthew!
a.k.a. fhionn :)

Matthew Kriske said...

If it makes you feel better, both of these gents are neither current, nor technically part of mass culture.

And I'd be happy to do you some. I'm pretty open to commissions at the moment, so just let me know.