Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Worth Waiting For...

Howdy all.

Another week, another update.

This time around we have a commissioned drawing of Mr. Samuel Beckett.

I'm really quite pleased with how this one turned out, so if anyone would like a similar drawing commissioned, I'd be only too happy to do it.

Without further ado...

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Gadzooks, an update!

Yes, an update at last.

And I have several things to report on as well, so brace yourselves.

First off, over at I have a new comic up, and will have one or two more posted there soon enough. It was fun, so I'm glad I was allowed to do it.

Second, the swank website is on indefinite hold. This could change suddenly, but for now it's a no go.

Thirdly, sketchbook update! If anyone was paying attention, I'd intended it to be ready by Christmas of '07. Ha, fat chance. I'm about a fourth of the way done, so I'm going to push myself to have it done in time for FallCon, at the very least. But, this way I'll have a higher page count, and a better final product. Plus, look for a nice introduction by local legend Kevin Cannon. (

Fourthly, I had an 11 page story in Muscles and Fights 2, and just wrapped up a 3-pager for the third volume, which I am very pleased with. You can buy a copy (or two) online ---> , or at The Source, and Big Brain (I think.)

I still hope to get better at posting things here, but as ever, I make no promises.

To make up for the total lack of posting last month, here's one from the sketchbook.

Take Care.